Apostle Renato D. Carillo, the Man of God from the Philippines, is an end-time Prophet and Apostle ordained by God in our time and generation and was sent to bring salvation to the lost souls; healing to all the sick and afflicted; absolute freedom to those who are bound by evil spirits; prosperity to those who are poor; and Apostolic Revival unto Perfection - LIVING LIKE JESUS to the Church around the world.

His Ministry, Touching The World, The Man of God was born on December 17,1958 in Quezon City, Philippines but his life took on a completely significant meaning when he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior on January 12,1986. From that moment of his salvation, his life has been fully dedicated to God.

From fifteen (15) members, it has steadily increased to hundreds, to thousands, and to thousands upon thousands as he preached powerful, straightforward, and uncompromising message of salvation, healing, deliverance, blessing and Apostolic Revival with the manifestation of God's amazing power and glory! Men and women, old and young alike experienced the compelling love and grace of God as he holds ORAS NG HIMALA Miracle After Miracle Explosion and the LIVING LIKE JESUS Conferences in various churches, gymnasiums, open-air auditoriums, houses, restaurants schools, jails, rehabilitation centers, offices and even at the camps of Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He also shared God's love in different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, child dedications house and business dedications, and even funerals. The sick and the afflicted were gloriously healed! The oppressed, abandoned, broken-hearted, hopeless, and bound with sins were changed! And the Church was truly blessed and revived!

Sometime in June 1988 while he was praying, he received a specific MANDATE from the Lord. God in His sovereign will and infinite wisdom raised up a Filipino man born from His heart to bring revival unto perfection to the church all over the world. And Jesus said to him: "Son, build Me a true Church. Teach My people to love Me, serve Me, worship Me and obey Me. Teach them to live like Me, and present a perfect Church to Me in My coming.".

Impelled by his fervent love to God and great burden for souls he immediately obeyed God and left his business and extravagant life. With mediocre beginning, he pioneered Jesus Is Our Shield Worldwide Ministries on the street. In his early years of ministry he faced tremendous oppositions, accusations and persecutions but he remained steadfast and faithful to the mandate and God gave him victory against all odds!

The impact of his ministry spread throughout the nation and invaded nations! And in just two (3) decades he has successfully established hundreds of chapters nationwide and abroad with millions of LIVING LIKE JESUS congregations! His life has been sacrificially dedicated in training and spiritually equipping thousands of Pastors full-time workers and even the young people and the congregations to reach the whole world for Christ with the demonstration of supernatural gift of God's power and glory.

His teachings have also blessed millions upon millions of lives all over the world through "ORAS NG HIMALA" radio, television, cable television programs, the internet broadcasts the LIVING LIKE JESUS Satellite Network (LSN), and the audio-video recordings wherein God's awesome glory and remarkable signs, wonders, and miracles are taking place. He has authored several life-changing and soul-enriching books, booklets, magazines and pamphlets, translated in different languages. He also has the Anointed Prayer Cloths, wrapped with God's tremendous power through prayer and fasting which brought powerful testimonies of all kinds of miracles. His ministry is also engaged in "MISSION OF LOVE - Love In Action" a crisis relief, feeding and clothing program which reaches out innumerable precious souls living in desperate conditions.

Through the supernatural works of God in the life of the Man of God, countless precious souls have graciously thanked God. Numerous prayer requests from different races were brought to him through long distance calls, text messages, snail mails, and e-mails, and all of God's answers to their prayers have been frequently resounded. As crowd had chased and touched Jesus during His earthly ministry expecting various miracles to happen, the same experience is taking place in the life of the Man of God. People from all walks of life chase after him during every service at the ministry's main church and in every place he visits asking him for prayers and even for blessings and anointing.

Having a father's heart, he has lovingly been a great comforter and counselor for several ministers, church workers, and congregations from various fellowships all over the world and they gladly testified on how their lives were changed as they heard the powerful revelations and experienced the awesome miracles and the heavy anointing manifested through his life. And many of them nowadays are impacting their cities and nations for Christ. During his travels in recent years He has been warmly welcomed and accepted by government officials, celebrities and the prominent servants of God in the Body of Christ all over the world.

His exemplary accomplishments earned him recognition plaques conferred by the Philippine National Police; and a number of premier awards bestowed by the ANAK TV, Incorporated; the National Mother's Day and Father's Day Council and the Ideal Parents and Family Foundation; the DAMAYAN Civic Alliance; the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS COMMITTEE and the ASIA-PACIFIC AWARDS COUNCI; and the Dangal ng Bayan.

Behind the success of the Man of God is his blessed wife, the woman of God, Prophetess Elena Ga Carillo, who has a gift of deliverance and administration. Married in 1982, they have 3 anointed children: Raphael, Rechell, and Renato Jr. who are all working in the ministry. The Man of God is also a proud grandfather to eight (8) grandchildren. Together with his family his supreme desire is to finish the perfect will of God.

For all these achievements, the Man of God humbly declares that these are just the outcome of his love for God and the grace of God in his life. And he gives back all the glory, honor, and thanksgiving to God alone forever and ever!